The Right Time for You to Call a Restoration Team

Common Damages That Needs the Service of a Water Damage Restoration Company

Water is usually the main reason why some areas of our home get damaged, specifically the flooring and walls. Fortunately, these damages can now be resolved through the help of a water damage restoration company. From the initial assessment to the restoration itself, everything must be approached in a systematic manner. Are you wondering what are the damages that will indicate that you need to call a professional? The following are the telltale signs that you need expert help:

  • Cracked or Busted Pipes – Pipes that are found above the ground’s surface are easy to repair once they get damaged. But for those installed below the flooring or in between walls, you will only know that it has damaged once those areas are showing signs of moisture. To avoid a more costly repair, or a replacement, consider calling a professional to restore it.
  • Swollen Walls – Swelling of walls happens once the moisture on the walls is being disregarded. Before you end up replacing the entire wall, have it checked by a water damage restoration company. Bubbled paints, stained wallpapers, and musty odors are also some of the indications that the wall of your establishment is starting to swell.
  • Loosening of tiles and hardwoods – If you notice that your tile or hardwood flooring is starting to loosen up and is giving you unusual noise once you step on it, it is a clear sign of water damage. For carpet floors, if it has a foul odor even after you have thoroughly cleaned it, then start looking for an expert who can explain to you the possibilities why that happened.

If you notice any of the indications mentioned, do not hesitate to call a restoration professional. If you are residing in Stamford, CT and you are in need of water damage experts, S R S Water Damage is the company you can depend on. To know how we provide our service, call us today at (203) 406-9962.

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