The Dangers of Mold on Your Furniture

House Maintenance to Prevent a Water Damage Restoration Service

Molds grow in damp and wet areas of your home. If you have a leaking faucet or wet furniture, these become a great place for fungus to grow. That is why, after a flooding, you need to get a water damage restoration service to stop mold growth.

A mold left on its own can contaminate your home. In about 12 days, molds can infest your home making it inhabitable. Molds can irritate your nose and can cause respiratory problems. Exposure to these spores can lead to an allergic reaction and other serious ailments.

If you want a safe home, here is a list of house maintenance you need to prevent mold damage.

Install a Ventilation
A home with high levels of humidity will see signs of mold growth. To prevent this, you can start adding a ventilation system around the house. For example, an exhaust can reduce the humidity caused by cooking. It can let out steam and prevent moisture from getting into your wooden cabinets.

Aside from this, a room can get better air circulation with a window. Install windows on humid rooms to combat the growth of molds.

Prevent Water Damage Repair
A broken pipe can flood your floor and furniture making it a great place for molds to grow. You can inspect your pipes and replace the ones that show signs of wear. A leaking pipe can go unnoticed for years and can dampen your walls. A wet wall has enough moisture to allow the fungi to spread.

Check the walls that have pipes behind them. If there are signs of discoloration or swells, you will need to replace the pipes and walls.

Prevent Puddle Build up
At first sight of water, use a mop or towel to dry up the surface. Places like the bathroom should be cleaned regularly to prevent mold buildup. Use a squeegee to remove moisture from your shower glass for good clean. You can also use a rug inside the bathroom. This way, when you dry yourself, you can stand on the rug to prevent wetting your floors.

If you see signs of mold at home, get S R S Water Damage to help you remove them. We offer a water damage restoration service in Stamford, CT at affordable rates. Call us at (203) 406-9962 to set an appointment with our experts.

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