Just Suffered a Major Flood?

What Does a Water Damage Restoration Specialist Offer?

The choices which are available to property owners when it comes to water damage restoration does vary, depending on the extent of the damage. Some problems can be covered or repaired, however, with more severe cases, materials need to be removed and replaced. And with extremely severe cases a water damage restoration specialist will have to be brought in because they have the equipment needed to repair damaged portions of the building.

For the likes of cosmetic damage, such as minor holes or cracks, putty or drywall mud and paint is often all that is needed. You can buy these at home improvement store. More extensive damage often means an entire wall has to be removed and replaced with new drywall, however, there are some cases where new sheets can be placed over the old ones, but this is not recommended as there could be a chance of mold or mildew growth.

Mold is very common and a dangerous problem with water damage restoration. On non-porous surfaces, they can be wiped or washed down, however, on the likes of ceiling plaster or drywall this is not usually possible. Most of the time when mold is a real issue, the damaged portions need to be replaced. Mold can damage lungs and airways, so a professional has to be present when there are large areas that contain mold, and protective measures need to be taken.

Restoration is easier when there is only minor staining or discoloration. This only needs the area to be washed over with some detergent and then sealant applied in order to prevent any more damage. After which it is ready to be painted over to hide the stain. It ishowever, important to remember to check before painting to make sure the structural integrity is still intact. Any kind of bubbling, rippling, or chipping, could indicate more serious damage. If you wish to speak with a skilled water damage restoration specialist, then please call S R S Water Damage in Stamford, CT now at (203) 406-9962.

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